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Let's just remember life's such a beautiful mistake.
It's precious and fragile, sometimes more than we can take.
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16th-Nov-2035 08:11 pm - Contact + HMD
did you happen to catch

No, but really. Any concrit is greatly appreciated.
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Plurk: endlesssorcerer
17th-Nov-2020 10:33 am - cr
did you happen to catch
because this is super duper important for someone that's so socially awkward

will be a work in progress forever but feel free to comment if you want to be added
has passed you by
[Action: 505 Ricardo Street]

[ Squall really had no idea what the hell this holiday was all about, and he really didn't care. But seeing the stocking hanging over the fireplace with his name on it suddenly filled with stuff certainly caught his attention. When he actually goes to inspect, he finds a couple of generic stocking stuffers like candy and stupid toys along with a couple of potions, a single phoenix down, a Chocobo keychain, and... oh god. TRIPLE TRIAD BOOSTER PACKS. The horror.

Of course, nothing could prepare him for what awaited him under the Christmas Tree. He was a bit wary due to the shenanigans from his last 'present' the town had given him, but it seemed to be 'fixed' now for whatever reason, so... Maybe this was legit. But the box was pretty huge, what the hell could it actually be?


Squall isn't even going to bother pulling it out, but anyone looking at the open box will have no trouble guessing what's inside due to the obvious large helmet. Wonderful. A space suit for Christmas. How will this even be useful in Mayfield? Whatever. ]

[Action: Makeout Point]

[ It's cold, but that isn't going to stop him from making a trek out to this cozy little spot. Seeing how Mayfield decided to stop trolling him, he's going to catch up on his daily training. You can find him hacking away at trees with the most illogical sword design in history, but he does seem to be pretty damn good at this. Feel free to approach him, even though it seems like he isn't going to be stopping anytime soon. Or maybe you'd like to spar with him...? ]


Somebody told me I need to be more social. [ Gee, wonder who would've ever suggested that to him. ]

...Does anyone like card games? I got a few packs of Triple Triad cards. [ That's a start, right? ]

The rules are simple. I'll explain them is anyone's actually interested. [ Is this even worth it? ]
did you happen to catch
[Action: 505 Ricardo Street]

[ After another mostly uneventful day at school, there was a surprise waiting for Squall on the kitchen table. He'd heard about people getting things about before, but he was just a teensy bit suspicious. It could be anything, right? What if... what if it's a live Moomba? Okay, not. That's just silly. Besides, the box is a little long and thin to  be anything like that. In fact, he's pretty sure what it is before he opens it.

What's weird is that after he managed to open the box, just as he's reaching for the handle to give it a good swing to make sure he's still got it...

It vanishes. Damn it, Mayfield. He should've known better than to expect anything back from the jerks that run this place.

...But there it is again. The second he threw the box back down, his gunblade was sitting in it, ready and waiting for use. But yet again, the second he actually attempted to snatch it up, it was gone.

...The sad thing is that this will probably be going on for hours before he finally gives up. ]


I know I'm a bit late, but I'm so thankful we have such gracious hosts that provide all of our needs after rescuing us from our horribly miserable lives.
did you happen to catch
[ There wasn't much that could wake Squall up in the morning. More so when he had already exhausted himself with training the previous day. But it is kinda hard to sleep with the suddenly weight of a giant pile of rubble on top of you. Eventually he'll manage to crawl out of the mess, only to see the destruction that seems to have reduced Mayfield to nothing. ]

...Damn it.

[ If it wasn't for the fact that he knew all these corpses, these drones, used to be people just like him... they really wouldn't bother him as much. But this, this was just disgusting. He recalled the conversation from earlier. Something about making everyone see how Mayfield is a better place to live? Compared to what? This mess? Was this proving their point? That if you left Mayfield, THIS is all that would be left of the world outside it's walls?

Too many questions, and not enough answers. Squall will just take to the streets, aimlessly wandering about and occasionally helping people he comes across trying to get out of the rubble. ]

You okay?
13th-Nov-2011 10:27 am - Mission XX1 ~ Backdated to Friday
did you happen to catch
[Action: 505 Ricardo Street]

[ Another morning. The morning sun peaked through less than elegant curtains, causing a certain male to roll over. It was too early for him, obviously. ...And yet, there was the strangest feeling that something was off. Wouldn't someone usually be pounding on his door by now, telling him to get ready for another mission...? Maybe it was just earlier than he realized. Or maybe... ]

( What the hell? )

[ This wasn't a room he was familiar with. None of his possessions were here. It only took him a few seconds to come to the conclusion that something horrible must've taken place. Was this the work of... No, didn't they defeat her already? Everything was back to normal, as far as he knew. But how else could he explain this? ]

( I think I feel a headache coming on. )

He'll eventually make his way out of 'his' room to further explore the house. Which may or may not be the best idea considering a certain someone lives here. How do you feel about welcoming your new son, Liquid? ]


So, this was the town's main method of communication. Might as well introduce himself to everyone in the best stupidest way possible. ]

Squall Leonhart. Student ID 41269. I require information on where I am currently located, and how I can get back to the Garden.

[Action: Mayfield High]

A. [
Class, meet your newest transfer student. Even if all the drones insist he's been there forever. He's tall, looks sort of dangerous, and he's totally brooding in his seat at the back corner of the class. He does not want to be here, and he is not paying
attention to anything. Maybe you should bug him. ]

B. [
Lunch time! Apparently everyone's favorite part of the school day. Well, other than actually going home. And as one can expect, Squall will be hanging out by himself at some desolate table. It seems he's just staring at his plate, because what is this even? It doesn't look edible at all. Mind sharing your lunch with the new kid? ]

[Action: Makeout Point]

It's been a very long and trying first day. He's explored most of the town by this point, but after this morning's encounter, he's really not that excited about going back 'home'. Instead he'll be hanging out at what seems to be the least busy spot in the town. Little does he known this is actually a popular hang-out for a lot of people. He'll probably be staring off into space, having inner monologue of the year. So if you feel like sneaking up on him.... ]
25th-Oct-2011 10:01 pm - mayfield_rpg app.
did you happen to catch
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